Dandelion Syrup

May 7, 2007

If anyone had been watching, they would have thought I was mad; picking every dandelion flower head from the back garden

(about 70 flower heads in all).  I have always picked blackberries,
elderflowers, crab apples, and plums but dandelions are a new thing for
me to try out.

To make the dandelion syrup, I then had to learn the art of twisting the base whilst holding the petals to release them x 70.  When you have a saucepan full of petals, cover it with water and boil for 15 minutes to 30 minutes, strain out the petals and return the yellow infused liquid back into the pan and heat gently until the mixture has reduced to approximately 2dl or until you get fed up waiting.  Then measure the amount of liquid.  Put 2dl of liquid into the saucepan, add 450gms sugar to the infusion and stir over heat until all the sugar has dissolved.  Pour into glass jars and seal, not forgetting to label them.

The syrup is surprisingly lovely although a bit sweet; I use it instead of honey.  It was a subtle vanilla type of flavour.  2dl of infusion made about one and a quarter honey size jars which is plenty.  Freeze the remainder of the infusion that you didn’t use in 2dl quantities so you can make some more when the dandelion season is over.

This recipe is one version from Henrietta’s herb site.  Another version from the same site is here.

If you try this, make sure you pick dandelions that haven’t been sprayed, or are in a heavily polluted area etc.

Hope you enjoy it; tastes lovely with ice-cream and fruit salads!

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