Elderberry Creations

September 14, 2010

Ah, the benefits of not pruning the hedge at the bottom of the garden - lots of elderberries within easy reach thanks to the elder trees growing in the hedge! I had a lovely Sunday afternoon harvesting the elderberries then turning them into syrup and an elixir. It’s lovely being able to make useful immune system boosters with free food.  There’s even a website dedicated to elderberries, you’ll find it here.


Ready to cook after stripping them off with a fork.

Ready to cook after stripping them off the stems with a fork.

I turned this picking into 4 bottles of elderberry syrup flavoured with cinnamon and lime (the addition of lime being inspired by my Grow Your Own Drugs book which I got for my birthday). I also made some Elderberry Elixir which smells lovely already. It’s made with elderberries, honey and brandy and is currently infusing in my understairs cupboard. Just have to try and resist drinking it for another 4 to 6 weeks. After this time I need to strain out the elderberries and bottle it, oh and label it, then drink it - can’t wait! Thanks to Kiva Rose and Sarah Head for their recipes.

Doesn't look very appetising but once strained and bottle and you taste it you'll be surprised!

Elderberry Elixir infusing - doesn't look very appetising right now but once strained and bottled and you taste it you'll be surprised!

This little lot should help boost the immune system and prevent or reduce the severity of any colds and flu we come across as a family over the next few months.  I must try Kiva’s advice on the most effective treatment, she states “Take 1/4 – 1/2 dropperfull of Elixir every two to three hours at the first sign of illness. You MUST take the Elixir frequently rather than having a bigger dose further apart, it just won’t work that way. Use the same dosage if you are actively ill. For a general preventative dose, I suggest 1/3 dropperfull every four hours or so.” If you click on ‘Kiva Rose’ in the paragraph above, you will find the recipe for the Elixir and some more detailed information.

If you want more photos you can look at my previous blog post about elderberry syrup making.

If you have any favourite elderberry recipes, feel free to leave me a comment below. If you’d like the elderberry syrup recipe let me know that too and I’ll publish it in the next blog post.

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1 cry 09.18.10 at 12:03 am

I would like any elderberry recipies you will share.
thank you

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