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  • Expert Author for EzineArticles: Gourmet Herbs - How To Grow The Tastiest Perennial Herbs In Your Garden
  • Author on Green Thumb Articles:

    Authentic Mexican flavours – spice up your cooking with home-grown herbs

  • Hubpages.com How To Grow And Use Basil
    How To Use Rosemary In Your Cooking

  • Craft Activites created for ichild.co.uk:

    How to make a Herbal Bath Bag
    How to make Spiced Biscuits
    How to make an Orange Pomander https://www.kwakol.co.za/trading
    Heart Pillow

  • Short (couple of minutes) Podcast contributions to the
    Alternative Kitchen Garden:


    Rosemary (episode 16)
    Elderflowers (episode 17)
    Roses (episode 19)
    Lavender (episode 20)
    Preserving Herbs (episode 23)
    Elderberries (episode 33)
    Using Herbs and Spices in Your Cooking (episode 38)

    Herbs on Allotments (episode 55)
    Weeds!? (episode 59)
    Autumn Jobs In The Herb Garden (episode 73)
    Pineapple Sage (episode 79)