Lavender and Roses

August 7, 2009

A few weeks ago I had a lovely relaxing morning harvesting some rose petals from my Apothecary rose bush - they’re a bright and gaudy pink but they have the most heavenly scent.



I previously covered how to make rose flavoured sugar and how to make rose flavoured water.
There are some romantic ideas for using rose petals here too.

I also harvested some lavender from my newish english lavender plants and attempted to make a lavender wand which you can see in the photo. Not perfect I know but I quite like seeing the flowers peeking out.



There are plenty of other ideas for using lavender here and instructions for making a lavender wand here and you can see my recipe for lavender biscuits which I recently made and included in my ezine.

I hope you are enjoying some herbal harvests too.

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1 cjniya 10.27.09 at 4:52 am

Lavender got its name for its fragrance made Jesus Christ’s clothes sweet. For more than thousand years, this little purple plant is used to be condiment that could give our clothes nice smell. And nowadays, the essential oil of lavender after extract and purity is the best choice for the nervous people in the cities. Sometimes have a walk in the lavender field and let these little purple elves stay on your hem could be a great joy.
In this heaviest season, the owner of a large lavender farm in Banstead, UK, held a huge celebration for the heaviest of lavenders. Almost everywhere you could see is purple and everything you could smell is the sweet fragrance of lavenders. Everywhere you touch could leave the unforgettable and dreaming fragrance on your hands. Even the rubber wristbands they wear could get the fragrance of lavenders. I think this smell would not disappear quickly, so as they have touched hundreds of lavenders, the smell might last several weeks or even months. I hope that smell could last for a year and when I miss that purple paradise, I could smell the wristbands or just wear it.
A boring day could be changed by that sweet wristband which could call the bell of the Lavender Festival in my head. The memory of the huge lavender field which stretches as far as eye can see would be carried on the wristband. With the smell it lets out, the sky would be bluer than ever before, the tree would be nicer and even the birds would be cuter. The wind would blow up your hem, the fragrance of lavenders then surround you. It seems like your clothes would get that sweet smell and then turn into purple. I wish this fragrance would last till next Lavender Festival or I would miss them too much.

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