Growing - Herb Seeds & Plants

Herb Seeds and Plants

Find herb seeds and plants at the following established suppliers, please click the images to find out more.

Crocus - herbs, fruit, vegetables and garden plants. Good quality, easy to use online gardening supplies, highly recommended by 99% of shoppers!
Gardening Express - highly competitive pricing inclusive of delivery

Blooming Direct - Plants, herbs, seeds and flowers - free shipping to the UK. They also have gifts for gardeners including a ’salad club’ gift where salad and herb seeds are delivered every month.
Great value, top quality plants plus they stock herb markers and mini shears ideal for pruning your herbs! Click the link above to see their range.

Click here to visit Unwins

Pots, Containers, Raised Beds, Tools and Equipment

In this section you will find a selection of pots, containers, raised bed systems, garden tools, equipment and other items to help you grow your own herbs. Please click on the image to find out more.

Timber Raised Beds and many other high quality products including fruit cages, netting, plant supports, water butts and more for your garden from Harrod Horticultural. Crocus has a wide range of pots and containers, you’re bound to find one you need. Delivered to your door so you don’t need to lug it to your car or home!

Able Gardener

A wonderful selection of gardening gifts
and accessories for all gardeners.

Sheds and Garden Buildings


Useful Gardening E-books

To find information not usually found elsewhere, buy one of the ebooks below, it will be delivered immediately! Click on the image to find out more (apart from the Companion planting guide where you will need to click on the text to get to the right page…the reason why is a long story!).

Hope you find them useful.

organic food gardening
Organic Gardening


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