Your Dream Herb Garden in 7 Easy Steps

“Who Else Wants To Discover How To Grow Herbs Successfully?”

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Welcome. My name is Madeleine Giddens.

Having studied and grown herbs for over 8 years I thought it would be easy for me to plan a herb garden. However, when I moved house nearly three years ago and wanted to start a new herb patch from scratch, I looked at garden plans and books but it all looked so complicated or didn’t suit what I wanted in the garden. I needed to know what types of herbs were suitable for different sites and soil types, what they were useful for, which ones to grow together in containers, when to plant them and plenty more.

This led me to do more research and finally devise my own system for planning my herb garden and growing my own herbs successfully.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve distilled all my knowledge into one comprehensive but step by step e-book that is coming out very soon. It is perfect for beginners and enthusiastic amateurs.

My aim is to inspire anyone who reads this book.

Here’s what early reviewers have said about the book:

“The Herb Gardening e-book is more than excellent,it is informative, easy to read and understand with clear
and concise (jargon-free) instructions to achieve the final goal, a well planned, personalised herb garden.
The herbs are grouped into many cross reference groups depending on what you might use your herbs
for e.g. medicinal, colour, size, asian cooking, mediterranean cooking etc.”

Chelle, England

“…..well written and informative. thoroughly enjoyed reading it, will be giving some of your theme ideas a go! … might even have a go at cooking just to try the herbs!!!”
Lynn Owen, England

“The book is excellent. It has such a wide range of herbs, interesting facts, and useful information on growing them yourself that I can’t imagine any gardener would want to be without it.”
Sally Hornsey, England

“As I have been growing herbs myself for the first time this year the information has been invaluable and I am enjoying the book a lot you have done a great job.”
Jakki Francis, England

“I love the idea of having fresh herbs to use in cooking whenever I want but having a tiny London garden has made this difficult for me in the past. Your book has given me renewed inspiration, particularly the section on planting in containers and I’m off to dig out an old pair of wellies that I can plant in! Not only that but I now realise where I’ve gone wrong in the past and
how I can start again with clear, easy-to-follow instructions from someone who clearly knows their stuff when it comes to planting a herb garden. Can’t wait for my lovely mint mojitos this summer!”

Sarah Rourke, EnglandĀ

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